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Kem Nhuộm Tóc Phủ Bạc L’Oreal Deep Cover

Thuốc Nhuộm Dưỡng Tóc L’oreal Excellence Fashion

5.13 Ashy Nude Brown
5.54 - Intense Warm Auburn
6.1 Beige Medium Brown
6.13 - Golden Nude Brown
6.30 Golden Blonde

Thuốc Nhuộm Kiêm Dưỡng Tóc Flove Meringue Hair Manicure (60ml)

230,000 165,000
Blackberry Black
Cristal Clear
Honey Brown
Red Wine
Sunset Orange
Tangerine Yellow

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc 3CE Treatment Hair Tint (50ml)

200,000 155,000
Apricot Brown
Baby Pink
Chocolate Brown
Natural Ash
Rose Brown

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Dạng Bọt Flove Meringue Quick Hair Color (80ml)


Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Dạng Bọt Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Hair Color European Series

British Ash
California Beige
French Beige
Irish Brown
Provence Rose

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

BK10 - Dark Charcoal Grey
BR09 - Golden Ash Brown
GR07 - Khaki Brown
RD06 - Goddess Wine Red

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc L’oreal Excellence Creme Advanced Triple Care Colour

4.2 Pearly Brown
4.26 Purple Brown
4.45 Mahogany Copper Brown
5.43 Golden Copper Brown
5.6 Red Light Brown
6.3 Golden Dark Blonde
6.35 Light Amber
6.45 Light Auburn

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Lime Crime Unicorn Hair (200ml)


Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Missha 7 Days Coloring Hair Treatment (25ml)

Aqua Mint
Ash Gray
Cherry Red
Gold Yellow
Khaki Green
Lavender Purple
Red Orange

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Nâng Sáng L’oreal Excellence Fashion Ultra Light

Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc The Face Shop Stylist Silky Hair Color Cream

Choco Brown
Natural Brown
Wine Brown